SMYN seeks to reduce new HIV infections, eradicate stigma and discrimination and contribute towards social cohesion by using the platform of sport, arts & culture as a vehicle to raise awareness through training, community engagement and edutainment.

Thabang Lebese Foundation

This is a project started and driven by Show Me Your Number through which the legacy of Thabang Lebese is being consolidated. It is registered as a not-for-profit and is envisaged to be a stand-alone organisation in the future.

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Partnership with Khuzani (INDLAMLENZE/KAZI)

A project of mutual partnership with Khuzani (Indlamlenze), the King of Maskandi music. Khuzani is a powerful force that is leading his supporters named Indlamlenze/ Indlamlenzekazi.

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SMYN works to create a healthy society that is HIV free.


SMYN exists to eradicate HIV infections by using sports, arts and culture as a vehicle for advocacy and raising awareness.


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  • Sustainability


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