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Mental Illness Awareness and Psychological Support Written by Ash-Leigh “Lex” LaFoy (BSocSci Psych. Phil) Project Facilitator and Youth Health Advocate, Show Me Your Number We as South African’s have a long-winded relationship with Psychology and Mental Health. When looking at the most psychologically influential movements of our time, it is noteworthy to know that Mr Hendrik Verwoerd - The very architect of the Apartheid System – was not only a Psychology and Philosophy graduate, having attained a doctorate in Philosophy, he also returned to his home country (Amsterdam) in 1928 to lecture at his old university, where he was appointed as the chair of Applied Psychology and six years later also became Professor of Sociology and Social Work. So essentially we’re speaking about someone who was highly educated on human behaviour, who figured out a way to rewire the minds of the masses to serve his racist agenda. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL BLOG
Reducing Gender Inequality and Gender Based Violence Written by Khanyisile Ngema In the last decade, the issues of gender inequality has always been the issue of discussion. During the Covid19 pandemic gender based violence escalating greatly and affecting more South Africans. To understand the issue of gender, it is very important to understand the definition of gender and gender equity. Therefore, gender signifies the social, cultural and economic attributes and opportunities associated with being a male or female, whereas gender equity refers to the fairness to both males and female. Moreover, promoting equity needs one to employ the strategies that will compensate for women’s social and historical disadvantages that prohibited females and males from operating on an equal level. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL BLOG
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