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We add Aubrey Boshoga, to list of lives lost due to hate crime, based on his sex, gender or sexuality orientation. Diversity in South Africa is always met with a cost. From our perspective as Show Me Your Number our duty bearer are far from implementing the Hate Crime Bill. Our only hope is in the hands of those influencers or leaders who are believe in Right to Equality for all who live in South Africa.

South Africa’s Constitution is one of the most progressive in the world and enjoys high acclaim internationally. The fundamental rights contained in Chapter 2 of the Constitution seek to protect the rights and freedom of individuals. Our foundations for a democratic and open society in which every citizen is equally protected by law. This could not be further from the truth for people who are diverse in our community, People living with HIV, People Living with TB, People with Disability, Sex Workers, People who use drugs or People who inject drugs, Men who have sex with other men and Transgender community. These minority groups in our community face the highest level of stigma and discrimination and this puts them at a higher risk of being infected with HIV.

Stigma is defined as negative attitudes and beliefs toward this group create prejudice (negative stereotype about a group) which leads to negative actions and discrimination. Prejudice is a such as racism and in this case homophobic culture. Our constitution recognition of civil marriages was a great step in ensuring fair and equal treatment of LGBTIQ+ persons. In every community we have many people that promote the right to equality for all. However, we have few citizens who are hell bent to bring their fury in defiance of democratic change. We also have those that stand by do nothing as a few hoodlums burn our country to the ground.

We simply can-not allow the murdering, and raping of the most vulnerable in our community. We need to drive this sense of entitlement or thinking that an individual believes is more important that our fundamental rights. We need you to do the following Eight Things To protect those that are vulnerable against Stigma and discrimination:

1. Module 1: Get to know your rights and freedoms

2. Module 2: Learn about diversity, stigma and discrimination

3. Module 3: Differentiate between Sex, Gender and Sexuality

4. Module 4: Know impact of HIV on diverse members in your community

5. Module 5: Addressing escalating levels of Gender-Based Violence

6. Module 6: Teach others on Sexual and Reproductive Rights

7. Module 7: How do you document Human Rights Violations

8. Module 8: Prepare your community fight address issues of the LGBTIQ+ community

We will train your organization to address stigma and discrimination in the context of access to health, social and legal support services for the minority in your community. Our Human Rights Toolkit workshops is guaranteed to change your life and move your to be a social entrepreneur in your community. Should you need us a Human Rights Toolkit workshop in your community please WhatsApp us on 078 251 3263 or send an email to


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