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Johannesburg, Monday, 30 November 2020

Human Rights Implementing Partner Organisation IPO Lethukhukhanaya Health Institution is one of four host organisation in City of Johannesburg in the World Aids Day 2020 Policy in Action activity programme. Their role is to reduce Stigma and Discrimination in response to HIV, Aids and TB as stipulated by the 90-90-90 strategy and the NSP 2017 to 2022 at district level.

The Deputy President of South Africa, David Dabede Mabuza, is the current Chairperson of the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC). The Deputy President will visit community project as part of the POLICY IN ACTION to see how the World AIDS Day 2020 theme “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER, CHEKA IMPILO” is finding expression through implementation of by civil society organisations.

Lethukhukhanaya Health Institution is one of twenty-five Human Rights IPO’s appointed by Show Me Your Number to coordinate the Human Rights Programme in City of Johannesburg. Josiah Ntsibande, Managing Director of Lethukhukhanaya Health Institution, mentioned that the right of access to health care services is among the economic and social rights guaranteed by the Constitution of South Africa.

“The challenge is that many people do not know the Bill of Rights or Chapter 2 of the Constitution of South Africa and are unable to identify when their rights are infringed”. He further expressed that his mandate under the Human Rights Programme is largely to drive awareness on Human Rights and address violations by Men who have Sex with Men, Member of the LGBTIQ, Sex Workers, Adolescent Girls and Young Women, People Living with HIV, People Living with TB and People Who Inject Drugs or People Who Use Drugs from access their right of access to health care services (Section 27 of Chapter 2).

DATE: 01 December 2020
TIME: 09h00 – 11h00
VENUE: Yeoville Police Station, 45 Becker Street and Fortesquie Street, Yeoville
HOST ORGANISATION: Lethukhukhanaya Health Insititution in Hillbrow

SANAC Civil Society Forum, Mr Thabo Majuja, Acting Chairperson: Law & Human Rights Sector stuck to his guns by claiming that the response against HIV and AIDS would have been better had communities understood and enlightened in the Constitution of South Africa. “What we failed to do when we became the new post apartheid South Africa was the failure to entrench Human Rights education or awareness campaign. This is clear in a lot of governance issues as well as access to health care challenges faced today”. He elaborated that understanding and interpretation of the law is vital in ensuring change from all perspective in our society especially at district level where lack of access to health care is felt the most. In order for citizens to grasp the importance of the HIV, Aids and TB National Strategic Plan 2017 to 2022 they must be made to appreciate the Bill of Rights. Once the Chapter 2 of the constitution is know by all then reduce Stigma and Discrimination in our communities and claiming of a constitutional rights such right to Freedom of Security of person (Section 12 of Chapter 2) will be understood in response to Gender Based Violence and its impact of HIV, TB and STI.

Show Me Your Number HIV Prevention Project (SMYN) appointed as the Sub Recipient (SR) implementing the Stigma & Discrimination component of the Human Rights module, South Africa’s Goal 5 of the National Strategic Plan on HIV, TB and STIs 2017 – 2022 (NSP 2017 – 2022) by the AIDS Foundation South Africa (AFSA) which is the Primary Recipient (PR). Mr Mabalane Mfundisi, Show Me Your Number (SMYN) Executive Director and SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF) Sports, Arts Culture sector leader said, “We remain committed in supporting Human Rights Implementing Organisations such as Lethukhukhanaya Health Institution in Hillbrow in eradicating stigma and discrimination at district level and driving Human Rights into all policies at national level through our engagement as part of SANAC CSF”.

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For interviews with Josiah Ntsibande, Policy In Action Host Organisation Lethukukhanay Health or Mr Thabo Majuja, SANAC Civil Society Forum, Acting Chairperson: Law & Human Rights Sector or for more information, contact:
Palesa Komane
Operations & Communications Manager
+27 81 373 3109